Darren and Seeyun: A Singapore Wedding

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“I am and always be in love with you.”

We always believed that every wedding is different. We’ve covered weddings here in the Philippines but experiencing a wedding in a foreign country totally sets the bar in making weddings different.

Daren and Seeyun’s wedding is a mixture of traditional Chinese and Western influences. The whole setting was new to us but we are so lucky we got to chance to witness it.

Their actual “wedding” is not when they got to the ceremony but during dressing up. The groom, Daren, will gate crash to the bride’s, Seeyun, place but playing games set by the bride maids. Whenever the groom and the groomsmen fails to do or to accomplish a task they are forced to give ampao. When everything is set, Daren will go to Seeyun’s place and make promises for his future wife. When the family sees he’s “worthy,” they will open the door where Seeyun is inside and finally give the bouquet of flowers and have the “first kiss.” Tea ceremony comes after as a sign of acceptance and blessing from the family and parents.
Teaser photo from their official photographer, Julius Ng.


It was just a refreshing day to see this moment and we’d like to share 5 mins of your time to just see this lovely wedding set in the Lion City.

Dream Team:
Photography: Julius Ng (Malaysia)
Preparation: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
Ceremony/Reception: Masons Restaurant and Bar at Gillman Barracks

Darren and Seeyun: A Singapore Wedding

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